American Monoxide – Web Content LP + bonus cassingle


Product Description

We’re thrilled to be among the labels hand-picked by Dimitri Manos for the multi-format roll-out of his new solo LP as AMERICAN MONOXIDE.

“Web Content” is the 2nd full-length collection of Manos’ home-recordings; 2 full sides of breezy melodies and lo-fi soundscapes. Baby Gas Mask Records’ version of the record will come housed in vintage library protective plastic sleeves, and will include a bonus cassette single (with hand-colored labels) for “Hot Lava Express” (Premiered at Stereogum) plus exclusive non-album tracks!


American Monoxide Cassingle Content tracklist:

1. Hot Lava Express (LP version)
2. Hollendaise In The Sun (original instrumental version)
3. Polly
4. Guitar Amp (LP version)
5. Escape


Labels Involved, bonus items/price.
PIAPTK – Bonus Lathe Cut $20
Almost Halloween Time Records (Bari, Italy)Incredible, unique, hand painted covers! PIAPTK will be selling some copies to U.S. buyers, but we HIGHLY recommend you go visit the AHT time site, because you will want to buy their entire catalog – $35 from PIAPTK, probably less from AHT (especially if you are in Europe).
Soild Gold (Tucson) Soild Gold Style Bootleg Cover – $17
Hocus Bogus (Tucson) Bonus Zine with Lathe Cut cover! – $20
Lazy Boy Recording Co (Lynchburg, VA)- TBD
Wooden Tooth Records (Tucson) Cassingle with bonus track – $18
Shot By A Fan (Austin) – Bonus video content!



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