Inquire about Distribution and Merchandise Fulfillment Services at our subsidiary Fulfilling Sounds.



We are pleased to offer merchandise fulfillment services for independent artists who are finding it difficult to balance the demands of being a working musician with providing prompt and personal customer service to meet the shipping and handling needs of their merchandise sales. Baby Gas Mask Records abides by an ethic that musicians and bands should keep as much of their hard earned money in their pockets as possible. We know though, from the hard work it took to start an independent music business, that sometimes extra help and outside expertise is needed. Below is an outline of how we can help your band more effectively distribute your merchandise to your customers, while maintaining your independence.


These charges cover our costs of storing your merchandise safely, securely and with care. Artists pay a one-time, direct up-front fee for storage charges. Only if merchandise is stored for over a year do we charge an additional amount for the remaining inventory. Pricing listed below is per year of storage.

CDs or DVDs:   First two (2) boxes free to store. $5.00 USD flat rate per box, per year, of 50 jewel case CDs or DVDs, or 100 CDs if slims (average box size). This equals an average 10 cents per CD for a year of storage, or until sold or returned to band.

Vinyl Records:   $20.00 USD flat rate for box, per year, of 100 LPs or 7” (average box size). This equals an average of 20 cents per record for a year of storage, or until sold or returned to band.

T-Shirts and Other Merchandise: $50 flat rate for box, per year, of T-Shirts 40-50 (average box size). This equals an average of 12.5 cents per t-shirt for a year of storage, or until sold or returned to band.



These charges ensure that we will ship your items sold within 2 business days from when you receive payment from your customer, or we are notified of the sale (depending on the shipping charges method selected by the artist, see below). These charges cover our packaging care and timely shipping of your merchandise. These charges are invoiced monthly.

First item shipped: $2.00 USD

Items 2-24: $0.50 USD per extra item shipped

Items 25-99: $0.25 USD per extra item shipped

Items 100+: $0.10 USD per extra item shipped

If the artist comes to need larger shipments and more wholesaling needs at some point in the future then we can negotiate a pricing structure for storage, and pick-and pack charges that suits those needs.



You pay what we pay, and we find the best price for mailers we can. As Baby Gas Mask Records grows and buys in bigger bulk these costs could fall. (Invite your fellow musicians to do business with us!)  We only pass on to the band what we pay. These charges are invoiced monthly.

Single CD bubble mailers (made to hold single CD jewel case or DVD): $0.35

Corrugated CD mailers: (made to hold 2-4 CD jewel cases): $0.65

Polybag Single T-Shirt mailers: $0.35

Boxes for multiple items: Conditional. If shipped in USPS Priority Flat Rate Box then it is free, and if shipped in a specialty container or by media mail, associated costs will be charged.



You pay what we pay. In order to be as flexible as possible for the diverse needs of our bands we have two ways in which to handle shipping charges:

1) Baby Gas Mask Records will invoice the artists at the end of every calendar month with a detailed receipt including itemized shipping costs to us, with the assumption the artist is charging the customer for shipping and handling already on whatever selling platform the artist is using. It would be up to the artist to forward orders including preferred shipping method to Baby Gas Mask Records.


2) Baby Gas Mask Records can electronically integrate with your selling platform to collect what is being charged for the preferred method shipping and handling.  Postage costs do vary depending on location, so any discrepancy between shipping and handling charged by the selling platform and the actual cost of shipping and handling will either be credited or charged at the end of the month.

Any order we ship that includes anything other than CDs or vinyl records (including t-shirts, jump drives, etc.) is ineligible for USPS media mail pricing and must be sent USPS Priority or 1st Class (if under 13oz). 


The artist will be invoiced at the end of every calendar month for monthly pick and pack charges, non-integrated packaging and shipping costs incurred within the month, and yearly storage costs if applicable. Payment can be processed via PayPal, credit card, check, or cash, and is expected in-full within 30 days.

If the artist’s merchandising needs change drastically as your career grows we can renegotiate a pricing structure to better serve your needs.

If Baby Gas Mask Records releases a vinyl record in the future with the artist, all storage and pick-and pack-charges will be assumed by the label for the Baby Gas Mask Records releases.