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Address: P.O. Box 32432 Tucson, Arizona 85751

Phone: 520-401-9443


Baby Gas Mask Records

The independent record label has increasingly become the best option for aspiring artists and musicians to share their art with music-lovers.  As the major labels have struggled with technological and legal issues, as well as their glutted budgets and overhead, they have been slow to change and adapt to the new rhythms of how people pay for and appreciate music. This has created an opening for independent record labels to gain traction in the marketplace, resulting in a plethora of new record labels, recording studios, and innovative music-sharing technology nationwide. Ironically, for the independent record label the way forward into the future is by resuscitating the past. In a word: vinyl. Baby Gas Mask Records’ commitment to the vinyl format is based in the belief that all musicians should get to hear their work in an authentic analog form. As well, the aesthetic and artistic expression inherent in a vinyl record makes it something that bands can be proud to directly sell to their audience.

Baby Gas Mask Records is situated in Tucson, Arizona, which has a vibrant and extensive music history and scene, including nationally-renowned recording studios, many independent labels, a high-power community radio station that has broadcast local music for the past thirty years, and a diversity of bars and venues where artists and musicians can share their work. Tucson is also a border community that has a strong cultural connection to Mexico, and Tucson musicians have been greatly influenced by the music of Latin America. This confluence of music and diversity has produced musical acts widely varied in sound and commercial success.